The DynamikClan follows a consistent path, which doesn’t always seem easy, but is crowned by success and teamplay.

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Luca P. / L1ghT


The former Arrowclan member Luca P. “L1ghT” joined DKC on 23 June 2020 and is one of the biggest stars in our organization. Because of his playing experience, we are very confident that we will be able to celebrate big achievements in the near future. One of his greatest strengths is his rotation around the map to come in a perfect position for the late game which makes him a difficult target for his enemies.

¬ Solo Cup:
– #197

¬ Duo Cup:
– #107

¬ Trio Cup:
– x

¬ Squad Cup:
– x

¬ Solo FNCs Invitational Open:
– #197

¬ Solo FNCs Invitational Week 1:
– #541

¬ Mouse
¬ Keyboard
¬ Headset
¬ Monitor